huh? where did my paper cup go?


We are the sustainable development goals house

At the KIT, we are a community of sustainability experts and social entrepreneurs with a membership of 50+ organizations. Every day, we all work hard to make the world a better and fairer place. It was time that the KIT itself also looked critically at its own in-house consumption.


something was still missing

It might be hard to believe, but every year we use 112,500 (!) disposable cups internally at the KIT. A disposable cup is often used for less than 10 minutes before we throw it away. Multiplied by 112,500, this creates a lot of trash and is literally a waste of money.


so we joined the circular coffee fund

We joined the Circular Coffee Fund to minimize our footprint and invest money into sustainable coffee farming – not in disposable cups. Every avoided disposable cup prevents waste and production emissions, and creates smart cost savings for us. We direct these smart savings towards the people who are responsible for our delicious coffee and can improve their sustainability; our coffee farmers.


how does it exactly work?


together with our “insider” Progreso

Last year the Progreso Foundation (located room BB-09) joined forces with the coffee importer This Side Up and the circular economy experts of the Circular Coffee Collective to improve coffee farmers lives by making the circular economy work. They do great work in the world - so why not join them inside our building?


let’s multiply the effect

We are very proud to be part of this initiative and to increase our positive sustainability impact. Why not grow this movement even further? Stimulate your favorite café to take part, skip the disposable cup when taking the train and shout out on social media about the initiative. Together, we can grow this movement into a big one!