How it works.

It's really as simple as it looks. Bring your own reusable cup when you get yourself a coffee to go. Save the world unwanted pollution and the costs of a paper cup. The cafe transfers the saved expenses to the Circular Coffee Fund. We then help farmers we trust invest in simple, effective ecological changes.  You can then follow the progress on social media.

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Shade trees & Sustainable farming

We stand for sustainable farming, reforestation, increases in biodiversity, farming without toxic pesticides and more. However, the problems can seem overwhelming, and farmers often don't know where to start or have the means to make effective changes. We help them identify the low-hanging fruits such as investing in (the right) shade trees, or making organic fertilisers from local waste streams.

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towards a coffee scene with no waste

We want to create a world that we can pass on to next generations. Products that are thrown away after just ten minutes of use, are not part of that world. In an equal and integrated coffee economy, we shouldn't just stand for sustainable coffee production, but also smart, circular coffee consumption. It's a simple change of habits to bring your own cup, but with huge impacts.

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Follow progress on social media

We feel that the best accountability is through full transparency. Next to the usual impact reports, we harness the power of social media. What's more rewarding than to be in direct touch with the actual coffee farmers you support, and see them posting pictures of the shaded coffee fields you helped create?  We do it together, and showing that, is our strength. Follow us, and the cooperatives themselves, on social media.