So what do we exactly invest this money in? What's our goal? And how can you check the progress, and maybe most important of all: us?


Shade trees & Sustainable farming

We stand for a solid balance between the social, financial and environmental aspects of coffee. In producing countries, there is often too little money left to invest in the environmental side of things after all the bills have been paid. We want to help here. We stand for sustainable farming, reforestation, increases in biodiversity, farming without chemical pesticides and more. We provide the extra money to buy those shade trees, to deliver that bit of extra education or to do soil samples.


no more useless waste

We stand for a world that we can give on to next generations. Products that are thrown away after just half an hour of use, are not part of that world. We stand for a sustainable way of coffee production, but also a sustainable way of coffee consumption. It's a simple change of habits to bring your own cup, with huge impacts.



We stand for accountability through transparency. Yes, we'll deliver impact reports, but more importantly, we stand for enhancing the power of social media. What's more powerful and more fun than to see the coffee farmers you support, posting about the extra plants they could buy? Or to see pictures of entire business teams that have avoided a huge mountain of paper cups this year? We do it together, and showing that, is our strength.