So who are you?

We encourage the usage of reusable cups by spreading the word through social media and ambassadors. However, the end-consumer is not who we target for the Circular Coffee Fund. It's specialty coffee shops and businesses who want to do real, traceable good in an intuitive way.

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1. a Specialty coffee shop

Most probably, you have a counter system connected to an iPad or tablet. If you add a button called "brought own cup", you can keep track of every customer who didn't require you to give away a paper cup. Then you can donate this total amount every month to the fund. It's a free way of doing development work. Don't you have this system but want to have a transparent impact? Make your own system and donate the obtained savings to our bank account.

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2. a SMALL / Medium-sized Company

We can connect your business to local cafés in the neighborhood, or we can tackle your in-house coffee consumption. We can set-up a system for you to count the impact. Don’t want to count? No problem - we can custom-make a plan for you. Fixed number of saved cups per month connected to a fixed financial contribution. Either way, we offer a simple and tailor made CSR solution by closing waste cycles and doing development aid, solving two corporate responsibilities at once.


Are you a coffee drinker and passionate about a more sustainable coffee world? Ask your company or local café to join our mission!